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Train hard, fight easy. No pain, no gain. Practice makes perfect. You are what you eat.

We've all heard these statements before, just training hard can only take you so far though. Technique nutrition and performance kit are just as important in the world of combat sports. The right sort of protection during training sessions means you'll still be fighting fit when it comes to the big fight and that's what we believe here at Cahoonas. Which is why, with the help of professional fighters we're continually developing the FightFixer advanced and pro fighter range.

So if you love a good fight as much as we do the chances are you’re probably training or familiar with one or more of the many modern fighting styles. We'd like you to know we're working hard to innovate and design better, more responsive, performance kit to support and help you acheive the power and the glory you deserve.

Lovers & Fighters

Josh Taylor makes his UK professional boxing debut in Edinburgh at Meadowbank arena

Josh Taylor, Prestonpans Boxer delivers the pain at his UK professional boxing debut.

We've seen him in the Olympics. We've seen him in the commonwealth games. Well for once Josh was on his home turf.

The crowd nearly took the roof off as Josh bounced into the ring, clearly ready for a rapid removal of his opponent and this is what we all know came to pass. 

What a night, Josh Taylor the Tartan Tornado spun into devastating action against his opponent the Bad Boy.

Little chance did the Bad Boy stand and that wasn't for long. 3 rounds of sheer pain and the Bad Boy was on his knees and the night was all sorted for Josh.

An awsome evening and awesome crowd, well done Josh here's one for Scotland let's keep our eyes firmly on Josh because he's on a rocket ship to the big time.

Josh Taylor Boxer ready to do the business

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Aston Brown makes his professional fight debut count with a KO

Aston Brown Glasgow boxer weighs in and wins

Aston Brown boxer, debut fight series of photos

He came he saw and he conquered.

Aston Brown makes his debut professional fight at the Meadow bank arena Edinburgh, and what a start Boom. Look out for this man he deliveres the pain




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Danny Henry wins the MMA World Championship title belt in South Africa


Danny Henry at his weigh in before winning MMA World Championship title belt in South Africa


Daniel Henry  is a professional mixed martial artist from Edinburgh. He trains out of Higher Level Martial arts under James Doolan and is currently ranked in the top 10 featherweights in the UK.


He's signed by the largest MMA organisation in Africa the EFC and competed for the featherweight title on the 3rd of October in Johannesberg.  Against Boyd Allen who had been touted as the best pound for pound fighter in Africa.This card was the biggest in the promotions history and Danny came out on top. CHAMPION.

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