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Bundle of #Beard Joy. Chinsporran Elixir 10ml. Moustag mo-wax 15ml. Moustag wax T-shirt


Bloke swag by Cahoonas

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Chin Sporran Beard Oil in a 30ml Big Stag Bottle


Bloke swag by Cahoonas

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@GreyFoxBlog pays us us a visit

Well we're just setting another pop up shop, this time in London at the Best of Britannia event when....'David Evans' the man behind the comes to tell us how much he loves his cahoonas. We're so honoured, we let him have one of our new limited edition tartans to say thanks, and guess what- he loves those too. Though he declined to post a picture of himself in them for all you ladies and some gents who might have enjoyed seeing the grey fox ready for some action in our tartans.


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We invest in people, because you get a better return

We've followed his rise through the good times and the bad, through the ups and the downs. We've helped with supplying the essential kit he needs and we keep his Cahoonas comfy. In a few days we'll feel the glow that makes us think YES investing in people is the way to go. If you have a passion for something you do, then follow it, chase your dream.

It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone but when you do you'll never look back and if your one of the lucky ones then we'll supply you with Cahoonas too. Good luck in the commonwealth games Josh- We believe in you.


Cahoonas invest in people because you get a better return.

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Gumball3000 Edinburgh

Fast cars come in all shapes and sizes so imagine the most amazing super cars given the pimp my ride treatment with bespoke paint jobs, decals and velvet. Well they all came to Edinburgh on their way from Miami to Ibiza. Our favorite was of course the Scottish entry the Velvet Phantom Driven by Gareth and Nicola Wood, who are raising money £100,000 in fact for when you wish upon a star with 50 random acts of kindness on their way to Ibiza.

So we thought we'd give them 25 pair of Cahoonas for the trip.

Here are some shots of the cars and drivers.


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  Male Underwear: How it all Started

Amazingly, male underwear design hasn't changed much in a hundred years. Jacob Golomb first introduced boxer shorts in the 1920s when he had the nifty idea of using elastic around the waist rather than a leather belt (as used by real pugilists at the time). Briefs and Y fronts followed soon after in the 1930s.  Back then stretch fabrics like microfibe and modern sewing machines hadn't been invented. Garments were simply sewn together in straight lines to form the traditional boxer shorts and briefs that we know today.  

 Cahoonas: Why we're Different 

Since those early days, fabric and sewing technology have taken a massive leap forward so why hasn't anyone attempted to improve male comfort through better design? After all, 75% of men dress to the left and 25% dress to the right - something so plainly obvious yet flatly ignored by all traditional underwear.

Our eureka moment arrived with the development of the 75 Trunk.  Put simply, our 75 Trunk takes into consideration whichever side you dress for a more ergonomic, comfortable fit.  It physically creates a partial sphere in the crotch area of the underwear, curving its way round from below the testicles and guiding the penis towards the correct and most comfortable side of your body. By allowing the penis to rest in its naturally preferred direction of dress - without overt compression - you inevitably reduce the need to re-adjust yourself during sport and everyday activities.  Our patent-pending 75 Trunk is probably the biggest single change in male underwear since the 1920s and we're sure you'll feel the difference.  

What our customers say:

"Nice pants great detail"
Calum Best- Actor & sportsman, London


"They're awesome I love them"
Josh Taylor- Gold medal winning Scottish boxer


"Really ergonomically thought through with the legs and seams and they just seem to fit really well. Glove like. Better than any I've had before I have to say."
Dave Brady- Australia


"I got my cahoonas and I am loving them, great product." 
Dave Ward- London


"Mine arrived 15 min ago and I have to say I've never been so excited about getting new pants before. As others have said, Great packaging and nice personal touch. Thanks Simon & Georgia they are the most comfortable thing I've worn in years." 
Dale Lord-Manchester

"I love my Cahoonas. Best pants ever on the whole planet. Super packaging too. Sustainable underpants. Fantastic for lopsided gentlemen!"
Matt Armstrong-Edinburgh