Ladies running leggings from Cahoonas November 15 2016

Ladies running leggings from Cahoonas

Cahoonas are developing running leggings for all you ladies out there.

Yes we test them thoroughly on real athletes and outdoor girls before we release them to everyone so right now they are running up and down hills through towns and a few streams too.

Cahoonas Launch FightFixer Boxing Gloves January 10 2016

It's taken a year of research and development but finally we've launched our FightFixer sparring gloves.  Designed with the help of professional boxers, you won't find any other gloves like this on the market. Made with 100% breathable, cow hide leather, FightFixer comes in white for improved sparring visibility.   How so? Well, scientific tests show that your peripheral vision isn't suited to viewing colour (the colour receptor cones in your eyes can't detect...

Winners at the Buchanan awards RBS Gogaburn Edinburgh April 17 2015

Patented British Design February 28 2015

    Well it's taken 3 years and plenty of design, effort, trials and feedback for us to get to this point. We can now proudly proclaim to have made the biggest change to male underwear since 1930. We class this as our journey to improve male comfort as well and truely on the way. Improving male comfort through original British innovation. Patent Granted, Hoorah!  

MODH Textiles Scotland's got Cahoonas November 24 2014

Our Cahoonas 75 Trunk in Royal Stewart Tartan is the world's only dress specific underwear with a published British patent. Innovation for improved ergonomic fit. Check us out here:    

Best of Britannia October 07 2014

A few snaps from the best of Britannia featuring British design, fashion and manufacturing.

We had a great time with so many other British designers and manufacturers. The opportunity to showcase our own British manufactured performance wear, underwear and sportswear including the launch of our new microfibre sports vest over a long weekend in a specially created pop up department store. 

Supporting the Scottish Referendum whichever way you swing September 14 2014

  Well it the Scottish referendum, come the 18th of September the votes will be cast and Scotland with all its beautiful hills, oil and whisky will have made it's decision to stay part of the union or to go it alone. Cahoonas are happy to support all the blokes casting their votes on September the 18th.  Whichever way you swing, be that left or right YES or NO. Because...

We've just printed a load of new Chinsporran labels August 25 2014

A big thanks to Discount Banner Printing service guys, another great batch of labels for our beard oils. Plus a great calculator tool, helpful staff and good quality service & product Cahoonas recommend DBP to anyone looking for some printing. check them out here-

Tatler Magazine features Cahoonas founder Simon Phillips at Tommy Hilfigers store opening party. May 14 2014

Yet again we're out and about. This time snapped at Tommy Hilfigers store opening party. And a great night it was too. A couple of drinks with Howie, Charlie and Frazer of 21st Century Kilts, Katy and Rebecca from informed Edinburgh and Phil Mchugh and Tom Macfarlane. Plus the throngs of beautiful people also there.  

Left or right which side are you on? Cahoonas launch "pants" political campaign April 30 2014

    The Cahoonas 'Left or Right' campaign as featured in Private Eye magazine issue 1365 published on 2 May 2014 A close-up photo of the 'Cahoonas 'Left or Right' campaign advert' as featured in Private Eye magazine issue 1365 published on 2 May 2014 A 48 sheet poster featuring the Cahoonas 'Left or Right' political send-up campaign slogan Left or right, which side are you on? Cahoonas make the...

Winners of the Scottish Edge Fund December 10 2013

Putting the Cahoonas into Scottish Innovation Cahoonas, one of Scotland's most innovative new start-ups and the originator of the world's first dress-preference underwear and sportswear for men, was awarded £30,000 at the final of the Scottish Edge Fund Competition last night.  314 Scottish companies originally applied with just 30 making it to the final at RBS Gogarburn.  The finalists which included companies across all sectors including textiles, adventure travel and mobile...

Tag, share & like to win* November 20 2013

 We have a winnerCahoonas have our winner as chosen by rolling a dice Joe Burgess we'll send you some Cahoonas have a great week.   Tag, share & like this picture on facebook to be in with a chance of winning a pair of our luxury British made underwear. Cahoonas will pick someone at random on 23/11/13 and send them a pair of our top swag. So you really will be ready for the...

Our Designer on the Catwalk November 12 2013

Simon, designer of the revolutionary Cahoonas 75 trunk, takes a walk down the catwalk after the launch of another two world firsts:  our new sport hybrid compression crossover base layer and our single seam range. On show were some of our other British manufactured garments including the BIGMAN; the Geezer; the Sanchez; Well Plaid and of course our 75 trunk.

Ricki Hall loves his Cahoonas September 03 2013

Another happy set of Cahoonas. another happy bloke- Ricki Hall

Have you got the Cahoonas for a fullback? August 27 2013

    Cahoonas are collaborating with Love Hate Tattoo one of the UK’s leading tattoo studios located in the heart  of Edinburgh’s Newington area by giving away a pair of Cahoonas with every fullback (while stocks last in-store).     Cahoonas love tattoos and we love the tattooed.   We also love beards, moustaches, motorbikes, chillies, beer, tequila, cigars, Columbia and Ibiza.     

The Royal Mile. Edinburgh August 23 2013

Cahoonas trailer on the Royal Mile Edinburgh

Which way are you heading? August 02 2013

Cahoonas, the only underwear for whichever direction you dress.   Our patent pending design, already holds 4 registered designs and is the only underwear in the world to cater specifically for whichever direction a gentleman dresses. It took us 3 years in design and pattern cutting and testing. Our British manufactured garments use British woven microfibre, British woven labels, and of course they are also assembled right here in Great...

British family fayre, we've donated £360 June 25 2013

Yes, we've donated £360 towards making the British Family Fayre a rip-roaring success. Jam sponge cake, tea, summer bunting, Pimms and strawberries all round.

CurveNY NEW YORK Designer lingerie,swim & men's elegance May 20 2013

 Article on CurveNY NEW YORK Designer lingerie,swim & men's elegance

Lingerie Insight May 20 2013

Lingerie Insight review Working with a team at Heriot-Watt University, Simon Phillips spent over a year developing his new Cahoonas ergonomic underwear, Phillips told The Edinburgh Evening News he felt “men were being bypassed by all the design changes that had benefitted women’s underwear in terms of fabrics, curve stitching and so on,” inspiring him to put an serious amount of research and testing into his men’s lines. In the...

Deadline. Scots entrepreneur launches supportive men's underwear May 20 2013

 Deadline article MEN can now buy left- or right-fitting pants thanks to a Scots entrepreneur working with one of the country’s top universities. Simon Phillips, from Edinburgh, has already received £5,000 worth of pre-orders for his Cahoonas supportive underwear. Phillips spent a-year-and-a-half working alongside experts from the textile department of Heriot-Watt University to design the £27 pants, which he claims are a world first. He said: “I felt that men...

Menswear Insight reviews Cahoonas ergonomic 75 Trunk May 20 2013

Menswear Insight review

We fell in love. Scotland's wedding blog reviews Cahoonas May 20 2013

We fell in love. Scotland's wedding blog reviews Cahoonas For years girls have been rocking magic pants on their big day. Now grooms can join in, thanks to a Scots entrepreneur who has launched a new line of supportive men’s undies. Edinburgh-based Simon Phillips developed the Cahoonas range with help from experts at Heriot-Watt University’s textile department, after noting that 75% of men “dress” to the left, while 25% “dress” to the...

Lindsay Campbell, fashion stylist for Sunday Mail rates Cahoonas May 14 2013

 Top Picks Scottish Fashion awards official Stylist
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