One for all the #Lovers out there. The Tartan Action Pocket Hipster


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Is that a Tunnocks caramel wafer in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

The Cahoonas Tartan Action Pocket Hipster has got a pocket for you to put your stuff in. Be this a couple of credit cards or just some cash while you're dancing at a full moon party in Thailand or maybe you're always looking for some action and every time you get your perfect moment for a quick one you've never got a French Letter to hand.  Well now you do. Enjoy some action with the Cahoonas Action pocket. this one's definitely for the #Lovers out there.

  • Made in Britain by properly-paid, skilled British machinists
  • Built to last using British microfibre, a supremium fabric that will last approximately 6-8 years without losing its shape or elasticity. That's longer than most relationships, so expect to see some action 
  • We use flock thread for a softer on-the-skin feel
  • Includes our quintessential lovers and fighters logo 
  • What it doesn't include: guilt


We make innovative British underwear using British fabric.

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