Weave & Sew. British underwear from scratch from Cahoonas Britain on Vimeo.




Cahoonas Lovers & Fighters from Cahoonas Britain on Vimeo.

Product design illustrations, from concept to glove the evolution of a MMA fight glove.
Cahoonas fightfixer gloves on London Underground Bank station cross track poster. 
Design illustrations for our MMA fight gloves
Josh Taylor Boxer, loves his fightfixer sparring gloves by CahoonasJosh Taylor Boxer. A very happy man with his new boxing gloves from Cahoonas
Josh Taylor Prestonpans Boxer weighs in wearing his Tartan CahoonasAston Brown Boxer weighs in wearing his Tartan CahoonasWeighing in for a pro bought of boxing wearing a pair of black cahoonasCahoonas win another business awardCahoonas at best of britannia, Made in britain specialist eventsMade in Britain event, Best of Britannia features Cahoonas in the window Clerkenwell London.Cahoonas popupshop on Edinburgh meadowsCahoonas host a popupshop on Edinburgh meadowsScotstag styling range goes on a tour of the lake District, England with Chinsporran beard oil.Scotstag styling range visits the lake District, England with Chinsporran beard oil.Scotstag styling range goes on a tour of the lake District, England with Chinsporran beard oil.Scotstag hair past Moustache waxMoustache wax denim and churchesScotstag hair putty 100mlscotstag male styling range with chinsporran beard oil and the blue paste moustache waxDanny henry world MMA champion weighs in wearing his Tartan CahoonasKane Baker pro boxer weighs in wearing a pair of cahoonas tartansKane baker wins another professional boxing match wearing a pair of Cahoonas
Good looking male model wears a white pair of British designed and manufactured Cahoonas 75 trunksA selection of British manufactured underwear worn by a few chapsBritish underwear, made by cahoonasBritish underwear, made by cahoonas British sportswear, made by cahoonasBritish sportwear in action, made by cahoonasBriefs made in britain by cahoonasBritish Briefs made by cahoonasBritish sportwear, made by cahoonasBritish made underwear by cahoonasTwo guys in British made underwear by cahoonasclose up of muscular guy wearing british made underwear by cahoonasBritish patented design and manufactured 75trunk by CahoonasBritish manufactured 75 trunk, a world first and fully patented British designthe worlds first patented British ergonomic dress preference garment.A guy wears a pair of white briefs, made in Britain by CahoonasBritish designed and manufactured underwear on the catwalk.Male catwalk model wears British designed and manufactured underwear at a fashion showGood looking male model wears British designed and manufactured underwearCraig McEwan professional boxer wears tartan cahoonas under his kiltA pair of black Cahoonas75 trunks patented British designed & manufactured sports wear and underwear.A blackpair of patented British designed cahoonas 75 trunk
Calum Best flashes his cahoonas.Calum Best wears a Cahoonas Moustag wax T shirt. Parcour wearing Cahoonas tartan baselayers, infront of Arthur's Seat & Edinburgh's cragsRunning down the steps under Arthurs Seat Edinburgh, wearing red tartan Cahoonas baselayerRunning up the steps under Arthur's Seat Edinburgh wearing tartan cahoonas baselayerstretching infront of the Scottish Parliament wearing Cahoonas tartan baselayersParcour wearing cahoonas infront of the Scottish paerlimentStreet runner, running up the steps at Arthur's Seat EdinburghStreet runner, runs up Arthur's Seat steps Edinburghstreet gymnastics wearing cahoonas performance baselayersstreet gymnastics over a cycle rack wearing cahoonas performance baselayers
Calum Best, Actor & model wearing his Cahoonas Cahoonas designer Simon Phillips at Cahoonas stall, Stockfest Edinburgh.
man with a large moustach stands infront of the balmoral hotel edinburgh.
man with beard and moustache wears a moustag t shirt
Andy Noble boxer, poses topless in a pair of cahoonasman wearing tweed suit with big beard holds a bottle of Chinsporran beard oil.well attired gent with big beard wears Chinsporran beard oilman with huge beard and Chinsporran beard oilCraig McEwan wears tartan Cahoonas under his kilt as he walks down a corridorPro boxer Craig McEwan poses in a pair of black CahoonasBehind the camera on a male underwear photoshootTattoo parlour love and hate tattoo gives away pairs of Cahoonas with a full back tattoo.Back stage photos of a Cahoonas male underwear fashion shootCahoonas feature on the Lingerie website as world firstGabriel wears a pair of skimpy black Cahoonas mens briefsMovember hero. Josh taylor boxer, wears a pair of CahoonasJohn Thain Scottish boxer wears a pair of white Cahoonasbunch of guys in British manufactured cahoonas underwearCraig mcEwan wears Cahoonas in the changing room of clovenstone boxing clubBack stage at the cahoonas catwalk show, male underwearback stage atthe cahoonas male underwear catwalk showBunch of guys wearing just Cahoonasbloke stands in a pair of black british manufactured cahoonas slipsmanufacturing british microfibre to make our underwear and baselayers.Cahoonas poster on Londone underground tube networkCraig McEwan pro Scottish boxer loves his cahoonas as he stands in the ring holding up a pair.White Cahoonas in a box, feature the lovers and fighters detail labelselection of British made cahoonas style shotsBearded guy wearing tartan cahoonas, British manufactured underwearman wearing denim kilt with womanBritish manufactured pair of white and a pair of black cahoonasCahoonas feature on we fell in love wedding blogKyle Traynor Professional Scottish rugby player and lover of his Cahoonas BaselayersCahoonas winners of the Scottish edge report on stageCahoonas popup shop in ocean terminalCahoonas popup shopCahoonas Designer leads the catwalk models down the runwayTwo guys wearing British manufactured Cahoonas male underwear and fake moustachesSkate boarder doing massive olly in CahoonasCahoonas popup stallCahoonas winners of the Scottish edgeMans ight glutimus maximus in a pair of white CahoonasThe quality on show of British manufactured CahoonasLee Redpath Boxer, wears Cahoonas, made in BritainCahoonas british made underwear features in the Sunday MailCahoonas poster in Camden townBritish manufactured Cahoonas poster
cahoonas 75 trunk, which way are you heading?Andy Noble poses in a pair of british manufactured cahoonas briefs
Andy noble , boxer wears a pair of British manufactured Cahoonas briefs
Gabriel poses in a pair of British Made Cahoonas briefs
Andy noble stands in Boxing gym in a british pair of cahoonas wearing no top

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