Putting the passion into your fight.

Innovation in Boxing gloves

Train hard, fight easy. No pain, no gain. Practice makes perfect.

We've all heard these statements before, just training hard can only take you so far though. Technique nutrition and performance kit are just as important in the world of combat sports. The right sort of protection during training sessions means you'll still be fighting fit when it comes to the big fight and that's what we believe here at Cahoonas. Which is why, with the help of professional fighters we're continually developing the FightFixer advanced and pro fighter range.

Punchers gloves

JoshTaylorboxer trains in a pair of Cahoonas sparring gloves          Female boxer Chantelle trains in a pair of Cahoonas fightfixer sparring gloves
So if you love a good fight as much as we do the chances are you’re probably training or familiar with one or more of the many modern fighting styles. We'd like you to know we're working hard to innovate and design better, more responsive, performance kit to support and help you acheive the power and the glory you deserve.
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