14oz Boxing Gloves. Black Quick Release Training Glove

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14 Ounce Boxing Gloves

Our multi-density energy impact dispersion technology - with surround wrist and hand support - lets you deliver the pain while enjoying the pleasure. 

Designed in Edinburgh, Scotland, quick release introduction boxing gloves. Ideal for boxercise, keep fit, bag work and light sparring.

Incorporates Fightfixer™ multidenstiy energy impact dispersion technology

Surround wrist and hand support cushioning

A full and impressive quick release wrist fastening positioned for a superior ergonomic Fightfixer™ fit

Tapped thumb to avoid eye injury or dislocated thumb 

Fine stitching and no external, stitched labels to reduce glance facial cuts

Nylon-lined interior to avoid excessive moisture build up and to reduce microbial odour

Synthetic composite outer structure for longer lasting flexibility and performance.

Cahoonas pain and pleasure knuckleduster design


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